No Administration Fee

There is no administration fee charged for processing your loan application.

Acceptance Fee

Successful applicants will be charged an acceptance fee based on the loan amount.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Default Annual Percentage Rate(APR) would be 12%, however APR may vary based on the Borrower &/or the Surety(ies) credit records.

Late Payment Fee

A late payment penalty fee of minimum RM300.00* shall be applicable for each late payment.
*late penalty fee varies on loan amount

Late Payment Interest

Late Payment Interest shall be at the rate of 120% per annum plus the interest rate applicable to your loan

Bounced Cheque Fee

If you tender a cheque as payment, which is dishonoured. A handling fee of RM100.00 will be charged for return/dishonoured cheque

Default Payment

All Legal fees and any others expenses incurred to recover the loan amount , interest , late fees and any other charges as stated in our loan agreement will be fully borne by the Borrower &/or the Surety .

*Plus2U reserves the rights to amend any of the Terms & Conditions without any Prior Notice.